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Our mission is to be the bridge that connects your business goals to solutions leveraging growth and automation tools. Our ethos is hinged on innovation, commitment, and a deep understanding of the small to mid-sized business landscape.
About Guide, Inc

Dedicated to Improvement

In early 2019, our parent company, Guide, Inc, was founded with a focus on helping others with their improvement goals.

On the B2C side, our community site “A Guide For Your 20s” hosts 500+ original articles across life, wealth, health, social, and career topics from experts in their fields as well as a library of self-help videos and resources.

On the B2B side, what started with the creation of an AI-powered automated newsletter has become “Aspirations” – a Marketing, Innovation, and Design Studio focused on locating automation and AI-enabled growth for businesses.

To date, our brands “A Guide For Your 20s” and “Aspirations” have made a significant impact, reaching 1,000,000+ people, helping ~100,000 individuals, donating $10,000+ in free services, and aiding 125+ businesses with their goals.

Our Philosophy

Ideals at Our Core


We harness the power of AI and Automation to craft solutions that drive progress and efficiency.


Trust, transparency, and dedication are the pillars that fortify our relationships with clients.


Working closely with our clients, we foster a culture of open communication and mutual growth.


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